Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zaquary's 1st Birthday! (Rockstar Monster Bash!)

Ok, so it's time to finally post about the party I have been planning and working on since my son was in the hospital. I have been so anxious and excited with doing this 1st birthday for him. It was a blast and everyone had a great time! So, I hope you can refer to this and use some of these ideas for your own party to be successful and so much fun! are the pictures!

The themes!
The invitations I made!
Here are the party pics!
From left to right: Banner purchased from Party City for 10.00. Event Sign my husband made in our front yard with a can of spray paint, stencils and poster board 6.00. Pin the eye game, I painted on a piece of display board. Rock band scene setter, which doubled as a photo backdrop also purchased at Party City 20.00. The present table also where the cupcakes were located.

Cupcake stand I made out of 3 various sized boxes, wrapped in wrapping paper, except the middle..that was a tablecloth I purchased from Party City. Craft table where I had the parents of the children a year old or younger, make felt monsters. The guitars are in the prop box for the rock band backdrop. Also in the box were inflateble microphones, and various 80s style wigs such as, mullets and big hair. The second craft table, where I had everyone make photo frames to place their photos from the party in.

Photo frame crafts purchased from Oriental Trading. Rockstar-13.00 Monster-13.00.

Balloons were a mixture of 1st birthday and the rockstar ones, I think were all purchased at Party City. The present table, with the backdrop I made with tissue paper, with the banner I also made. The pinata purchased at Oriental Trading-18.00. The last photo is just the kitchen layout all done.
Treat bags purchased at Oriental Trading. The rockstar decor was purchased at Party City. The main theme, Monster Bash from the line at Oriental trading. The contents in the goody bags were also all purchased from Oriental Trading..except the eye balls, and tags..I made those. I put the plush monsters in the goody bags for the little ones a year and younger. Only because I put crayons in the bigger kids' bags, because I drew a monster for each one to color and made it personal by taking the letters from their names and mixing them up to create a monstery name. (photos from that craft to follow)

Cupcakes!! I made, all of the wrappers and the stand. And, not to mention I made the cupcakes themselves here at home. Lol. They were great and were very convienent for the little ones.

More things I made. I did the programs to go along with the concert like atmosphere. I made the close family relatives VIP badges; all said different things. I used a trick or treat bucket from previous year, wrapped it in fur and used it as a untensil holder. For the children's silverware, I took the flaps off of a diaper box, wrapped it in blue tissue paper, used the scrapbook stickers and a dark blue marker and drew spots on it.

The cake!! My husband and I spent about 8-9 hours making the cake. It was our first time using fondant, and I think we were pretty successful. We also, made a bit too much. I still have the entire bottom tier left. :)
More cake. I also made the smash cake for the birthday boy. I have to say, looks like he enjoyed it very much.

Monster faces! My grandma and I made little monster face rice krispies. They were great and everyone got to take one home.
Some food! I made the fur serving bowls. I used the halloween bowls, which were bought on clearence. I made the BBQ meatballs for the frist time, and they went over very well. I also had chips, and ham & turkey finger sandwitches. The kids, had apple slices with dip; which was cream cheese frosting and cinnamon. They loved it! Also, the cheerios..everyone loved! I figured thise were more for the kids and little ones, but the adults were digging into it too! I used chocolate and peanut butte cheerios and added reeses pieces and it was very yummmy!
Some present shots of my husband, in his complete 80s attire. (That's the genre of rock music played at party, so husband and I looked the part) The birthday boy, and myself.
Pinata fun! Pinata was purchased at Oriental Trading-18.00. The mask, was purchased at Michaels for 1.00.

Ok, here are all of the activities. There are a mixture. The kids on the floor, were coloring the monsters drawn for them. Some were making the felt monsters, and others were doing the frames. I also had bean bag toss; which that and pin the eye weren't played due to everyone being caught up in the rockstar photoshoot. Lol.

Shots of the birthday boy! Just having tons of fun. (Even though he had a cold that weekend)
Shots of the guests. Fun times!
Some fun and random shots of my husband and I. I tackled him for stealing my pinata candy. Lol. We had so much fun!

The following are the awesome photos from the rockstar photoshoot! Enjoy! Then, I will post all of my designs for this party from cupcake wrappers, to the signs for each activity. :)

I strongly recommend doing this at any rockstar theme party, or any party with a music theme. It was so much fun! I wish I would of captured more people...just the same people kept wanting to do it. Lol. I still to this day (a week after) have the backdrop hanging on my hallway..the family and I plan to do our photos soon. :)

Another thing we made that was overlooked. I did these monster photo stand..nobody wanted to do this one, they all wanted the rockstar one. Lol.

Here are all of the food label cards:

 ^Was for the Cheerio mix.

^Was for the soda section.
Left: Were for the kid's punch. Middle: Turkey sandwitches. Right: Cupcakes.
The next set of photos are of the signs I made for each of the parts of the activities. I will decode it below the photo. :)

                                          ^Rockstar photo session.
^Monster photo shoot.

^Pinata. Only because I filled the monster head with body part candy, and it's said that he ate all the band members.

^I had the same one, but only set 1 and each were for the frame crafts.

^I believe this was for the felt monster craft.

^This was the surprise activity I was going to spring on the adults (which we also didn't get to do, due to lack of time and space) It was musical chairs to the Monster Mash song. :)
^This was outside by the bin with the badges and programs, pretty much stating to take one, and find your set inside. :)
Below are the cupcake wrapper designs.

I am missing the neon paint splatter design. Although, it is able to be viewed in the cupcake collage photo. :)

Here are the badges I made. Well, the templates I could find..

Well, that concludes this posting for right now. I am sure I will have a few more photos that I find that I will want to post. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I have..well as much as you could without being there. Lol. I was truely a great time, and I would like to thank my wonderful husband for all the help and funding for this amazing 1st birthday for our awesome little boy. I love you guys so much! Until next time!!